Perry on Trump: ‘We Don’t Need a Republican Divider in Chief’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) said Donald Trump would be a “Republican divider in chief” because of his blunt reality TV way of saying things.

“That that type of casting aspersion, that kind of painting with such a broad brush when the facts don’t back that up,” Perry said of Donald Trump’s statements about criminals from Mexico. “We need a president of the United States who’s going to bring this country together. We need, after 6 1/2 years of a president show has divided this country along a lot of different lines, we don’t need a Republican divider in chief. And I think that is where a lot of us are coming down, that after 6 1/2 years of really difficult time for this country economically, foreign policy wise, not taking care of our border and securing it, those are some real issues. Mr. Trump has, you know, he’s touched on those. but I think we really have to be wise about how we had this conversation. We’ve got to be thoughtful about coming up with real solutions that work. Not just throwing ideas out there to get a reaction in an almost reality TV type of way. I don’t get to work on reality TV. I have to work in the real world.”

He added, “As he has come forward, as we’ve got to see the real Donald Trump, I’ve got some real problems with that. I think that what he is saying and what he is doing is not necessarily moving the cause of conservatism forward.”

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