Christie: Some Republicans Catering to Big Business on Border

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie argued that some Republicans were catering to big business on in the issue of border security on Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Christie said the lack of border security was “because there’s been a failure of a president who has been unwilling to even acknowledge that there’s a problem, let alone come up with a solution for it, Sean.” Christie then laid out his solution, stating, “You have to put a fence or a wall in the places where it’s appropriate. Second, you have to hire more Border Patrol officers. Third, you have to use drones and other electronic surveillance in some of the tougher areas to be able to monitor exactly what’s going on. And fourth, every business in this country has to use E-Verify. Because a lot of these folks coming across the border are coming across to work.”

When asked if some Republicans were “catering to big business” he responded, “I think some are. … And then I think also, you need a strong president who’s willing to lead.”

The discussion then turned to the Iran nuclear deal, Christie argued, “only the president, and John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton believe that Iran’s going to change their conduct. They haven’t changed it for 36 years, Sean. You and I are old enough to remember when those hostages were take in in 1979, and held for 444 days. And the only reason those hostages got out is because we got a strong person in the Oval Office.” And “Democrats in Congress better step up here.”

Christie added, “I wouldn’t let this president buy a car for me. That’s like walking into the showroom and saying, ‘Listen’ — the salesperson, ‘I’m going to buy a car today, no matter what, now, let’s negotiate price.’ It’s over. Might as well just empty your pockets, and that’s what we’ve done with American treasure and American lives. Because the Iranians are going to continue to use this money that we’re giving them for terrorist activities, the biggest state sponsor of terrorism.” He also pointed to Ronald Reagan walking away from the negotiations in Reykjavík, which he stated led to a better deal for the US.

He concluded that the deal would be worst thing President Obama has done, and that the president doesn’t understand radical Islam.

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