Krauthammer: PP Videos Will Be As ‘Profound’ As the Advent of Ultrasounds

Columnist Charles Krauthammer stated that the Planned Parenthood videos released by the Center for Medical Progress would have a long-range impact on the abortion debate ” as profound as the advent of ultrasound” on Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report.”

Krauthammer said, “I’m not sure they’re going to have a direct, immediate effect in the near-term on Planned Parenthood. … Given the polls in the country, I don’t think we’re going to get defunding. Although, I think it’s a fight that ought to be had, because the more you talk about it publicly, the more we’re exposing what the abortion — pro-abortion side has managed to do for 30, 40 years, which is to pull the curtain on what actually happens. The first change in public opinion on abortion, when it began to go less pro-choice was, with the advent of ultrasound, where you could see what the living human, — thriving human fetus looks like as it grows inside the mother. And now what we’re seeing is what happens when you destroy that entity. And I think people don’t want to look, have never wanted to look, but now they’re seeing it. I think the long-range effect is going to be profound, as profound as the advent of ultrasound. And that’s what I think people ought to focus on now. You’re not going to get, I think a short-term political outcome. But this will help to change perceptions over time.” He later added that the videos keep abortion supporters from using “euphemism” to defend themselves, and show that abortion isn’t about health, but the destruction of human life.

The Hill‘s Associate Editor A.B. Stoddard added that the defenses of Planned Parenthood mounted by Hillary Clinton would not “stand up” for long, and argued that Bernie Sanders’ response wasn’t really a response.

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