Trump: Obama Should Do His Job Over in Africa, Not Badmouth Me

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reacted to the criticism he received from President Obama during his trip to Africa in a phone interview broadcast on Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight.”

Trump said, “I think it’s pretty sad when you go to Africa, and you start talking about Donald Trump because that’s not what it’s all about. He’s supposed to be talking about relationships with Africa, relationships with the various countries that he’s going to see. I think these people are sitting back, in fact I look at some of the leaders of the various countries, and they’re sort of like stunned that he’s talking about Donald Trump. You’re supposed to be talking about trade and other things having to do with his visit. So, I don’t understand why he was talking about me. I guess you could say in a way I’m honored that he was. But I don’t — I think he should stay on point. And he should do the job that he’s over there for, not be talking about me.”

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