Defense Secy Carter: Iran Hasn’t Changed Behavior, ‘No Reason’ To Believe They Will

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said that Iran has not changed its behavior since the nuclear deal was agreed to, and he has “no reason to foresee” Iran’s behavior changing in the future before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday.

Carter, in response to a question on changes in Iran’s behavior, stated that he sees no indication that Iran has changed its behavior since the agreement was reached and doesn’t have any reason to “foresee” a change in Iran’s behavior as a result of the deal.

He continued, “That is why is it’s important that the deal be verifiable. That’s why it’s important that Iran not have a nuclear weapon. And that’s also why it’s important that we keep doing everything that we need to do, defend our friends and allies, remain strong in the Gulf, freedom of navigation, ballistic missile defense, all the things we’re doing, we need to keep doing those things. And the agreement doesn’t limit us in any way.”

Carter concluded, “Obviously, if Iran changes its behavior, that would be a welcome thing, but I see no reason to foresee that, chairman, personally.”

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