Christie: ‘Hypocrisy’ To Let States Legalize Drugs and Oppose Sanctuary Cities

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie argued that it is “hypocrisy” to allow states to legalize marijuana while opposing sanctuary cities on Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Christie stated, “I’m just for enforcing the law, Hugh. If these folks want to legalize marijuana, then stand up and say you want to legalize marijuana, and that as president you will put a bill forward in the House and the Senate to change the law. But we cannot pick and choose. You know, here’s the hypocrisy in this, Hugh, is they say it’s okay to pick and choose on whether to enforce the law against marijuana, but everybody’s against sanctuary cities. And that’s just picking and choosing which laws you’re going to enforce as well. This President has decided we’re not going to enforce the federal immigration laws. He’s going to permit for sanctuary cities. Well, if you’re against sanctuary cities, which I am, the only way to be consistent intellectually is to also be against letting marijuana be used recreationally in this country, absent a change in the law.”

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