Palin Praises Walker and Cruz, Wants To ‘Speak Positively’ About Solid Candidates

Former Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin praised Republican presidential candidates Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker while stating that she likes many of the candidates on the GOP side and wishes to “speak positively” about the solid conservative candidates on Friday’s “Mark Levin Show.”

Palin, after continuing her praise of Donald Trump, said, “I think Ted Cruz is great. I’m very thankful for he having taken such a stand on Obamacare, and many other issues. And really being able to shift some of the national debate about the issues because he’s been so out there. He’s been really bold.”

Later in the interview, she praised Scott Walker for taking on the unions, declaring “what a soul that is when you’re up against the unions. You know, most governors have had to face that with public jobs, the public employees union especially. And you don’t make any friends when you take them on, just to do the right thing for your state. Walker is a great example of what it takes, and how great the success is. One of the ramifications of his — and result of his success is, people are rooting for him to become the president.” Palin also said that she wants to “speak positively” about the solidly conservative candidates, and  “We have good candidates. There is a lot of hope in this whole lineup. And we just need to, when the time comes, unify. No candidate is perfect. We need to unify behind he or she who will represent the conservative ideals most appropriately, and beat the Democrats.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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