Jindal: Sanctuary Mayors Should ‘Absolutely’ Be Arrested

Louisiana Governor and Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal stated that mayors of sanctuary cities should “absolutely” be arrested and be “criminally, as well as civilly liable as accomplices” on Monday’s broadcast of Boston Herald Radio’s “Herald Drive.”

Jindal said that mayors and local leaders in sanctuary cities should be “criminally, as well as civilly liable as accomplices, if they adopt policies — if they choose to ignore federal law, if they’re not — if they’re allowing folks to come into their cities that are here illegally, and not reporting that to ICE, ignoring that federal requirement and obligation, they should be considered accomplices. And so let’s crack down on these sanctuary cities as well.” Jindal was later asked whether “a mayor of a sanctuary city who ignores federal law be arrested?” He answered, “Absolutely. I would hold them as an accomplice, make them criminally culpable, I’d also make them civilly liable, so that families — victims’ families could sue. Especially if the prosecutors aren’t taking action, or if they mayor’s not changing their ways, I’d allow the families to go to court and sue them civilly as well to recover damages.”

Jindal also declared, “We need to insist on assimilation and integration. And immigration without assimilation is invasion,” and pledged his support for Kate’s Law.

Earlier, Jindal was asked what he would do with the illegal immigrants already in the US, Jindal said that he disagreed with the approach taken by fellow GOP candidate former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s support for “amnesty,” and expressed that he believes the border should be secured before there is any discussion of illegal immigrants already in the US.

(h/t Buzzfeed)

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