Krauthammer: ‘Teflon Don’ Trump Has Shown He’s ‘Durable’

Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that “Teflon Don” Donald Trump has show “he’s going to be a durable candidate” on Monday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer said of Trump’s debate strategy, “I would think from his point of view, when you have the kind of lead he does, and the others have no particular incentive to attack you, because it might hurt the two of you, and leave the rest of the field unmolested, you’ve got a pretty good shot at just playing statesman and being quiet. And I don’t see Trump coming in, throwing around insults. But what I do see, is maybe one of the candidates on the lower rung, who’s got a lot less to lose, and more to gain might take a shot at Trump.” He added that Rand Paul could be that candidate, and “would have been” Rick Perry, but he probably won’t be on the stage.

He continued, “what’ll happen is Trump will probably react. However much he may have told himself, ‘I’ll take it easy.'”

Krauthammer then stated, “Well, he knows that he’s playing — so far the game he’s played is a winning hand. Every time he gets attacked, it only strengthens him. And therefore, I think he’s shown, there’s no doubt that the month he’s been in the race has shown, that he’s going to be a durable candidate. All those who thought as I did in the beginning that this would come and go, but, I mean I do think at some point it’ll probably be later in the year. He’s going to come up with a winnowed field — up against a winnowed field, where you have one or two very serious candidates –”

Krauthammer concluded, “the way he’s survived, you have to say he’s Teflon Don up to now.”

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