Rand: GOP Could Win Indy Vote With Criminal Justice Reform

Kentucky Senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul argued that if the GOP embraced criminal justice reform “we’ll win the Independent vote again, and win” at Monday’s Voters First Presidential Forum in New Hampshire.

Rand stated, “I’m a different kind of Republican. I think we need a new GOP. I’m a Republican who actually is leading Hillary Clinton in five states won by President Obama. Why? Because I have going places Republicans haven’t been in years. I’ve been to Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Ferguson, with a message that liberty, low taxes will help poverty, will help joblessness. And that a low tax, a low, flat rate, will bring jobs back. And that if we get rid of the regulations America will be great again. And I think this message is resonating. I’ve also been for criminal justice reform. I think we’ve way — we’ve locked up way too many poor kids, and what we need to do is have justice where everybody’s treated the same under the law. And I think if we did that, we’ll win the Independent vote again, and win. I’m the only Republican leading Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania. And it’s because I am different. So, I embrace the fact that I’m different than the other candidates. We haven’t been winning, and if we try the same thing over again, we’re not going to win. So, I am one who will put forward a plan and message that is distinct.”

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