Chuck Todd: Nobody Excited About Iran Deal, Clearly Anger

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd discussed President Barack Obama’s deal with Iran on nukes and declared no one was “excited” about the deal.

Todd said, “If you looked at public opinion over the last six months Iran, you know, the public was essentially agreeing with both positions. Meaning, they believe diplomacy had to be done at almost all cost. They didn’t trust the Iranians. One of the two basic arguments still. The president saying you got to give diplomacy a chance, you have to do this. And I think the most effective argument against the deal you is can’t trust the Iranians. Look what they’ll do with the money. And that’s why the public is split. That’s why there’s nobody excited about this deal. There’s clearly more anger. What you don’t see, there isn’t a balance of the ‘man this is a great deal.’ You haven’t heard anybody say this is a great deal. Saying this say workable deal is about the best argument you hear for it. I do think the president should be acknowledging the fact that this isn’t a perfect deal more often. I feel like they oversell the deal sometimes and that can make it harder to convince Steve Israel to come on board.”

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