WaPo’s O’Keefe: ‘Very Clear’ Clintons ‘Play By Different Rules’

Washington Post Reporter Ed O’Keefe said it’s “very clear” that the Clintons “play by different rules” on Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day.”

After John King remarked that he didn’t understand why Hillary Clinton would have a private server knowing that she would run for president and “knowing the scrutiny the Clintons get.” O’Keefe stated, “they’ve always done this. The attack is that they play by different rules. And I think it’s very clear that they do. We’ve discovered since that other cabinet secretaries do this, but you’re right, they’re not running for president. I think more than anything, you wake up this morning at the vice president’s residence, you wake up this morning at Bernie Sanders’ house and you think to yourself, ‘Maybe my chances are getting better.'”

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