Wallace, Will: Fiorina ‘Stood Above,’ ‘Stood Out’ In First Debate

“Fox News Sunday” host and presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace and columnist George Will said that Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina “stood above” and “stood out” at Thursday’s GOP presidential debate, with Wallace saying he was “most impressed” with Fiorina.

Wallace said, “I think everybody did fine. Some people did finer than others. I’d have to say I was most impressed with Carly Fiorina. I think she just stood above the other six people on the stage. She was sharp on national security. She was, not surprisingly for a former CEO, sharp on domestic policy and budget, money issues. I just think that there’s kind of a sharpness, and an intelligence about her, and a preciseness, precision of her message, that really cuts through. I frankly, was a little surprised she didn’t make the top ten. And I think that she did nothing today that will only help her propel to getting into the top tier of candidates.”

Will added, “All seven of these people are fluent, accomplished, confident, experienced people, and a very small shift in the polls could have propelled any one of the seven onto the stage. I agree with Chris. Carly Fiorina stood out for the precision, and fluency, and…the way she managed to pack a lot into one minute, or into 30 seconds. I was also struck by the fact — the forthrightness of Lindsey Graham’s back to Iraq policy. And if I heard Pataki, and Mr. Jindal correctly, both of those were sort of in that camp also. So, we’re going to hear foreign policy take on a new edge in this debate, if we have more than Lindsey Graham saying that, in fact, we need substantial numbers of ground troops back in the Middle East.”

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