Jeb Bush: Trump’s Divisive Language ‘Reminds Me Of Barack Obama’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Donald Trump’s divisive language “reminds me of Barack Obama.”

Bush said, “I want to win. I want to win the presidency. A conservative has to win to fix these things, and languages that divides us — this reminds me of Barack Obama, not as a candidate, Barack Obama as president. All he does is push people that don’t agree with him down to make his side look better and the divide makes it hard to solve problems. I don’t think we’ll win that way. A whole lot of people are disaffected. They believe their future will not be bright. Six million more people in poverty, the middle class has had declining income for a long while, we should be talking about issues that give people a sense their lives will be better, not about how bad things are or the kind of language that is really, really divisive that preys on people’s legitimate angst.”

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