WATCH: First Trailer for Faith-Based True Story ’90 Minutes in Heaven’

“Every day of my life, I ask the same question: oh Lord, why’d you let me see Heaven, and then take it away?”

That is the question posed by Don Piper (Hayden Christensen) in the stunning trailer for the new faith-based film 90 Minutes in Heaven.

The film centers on the true-life story of Piper, who was pronounced dead after getting involved in a horrific car accident in 1989. Ninety minutes later, Piper miraculously came back to life, and said he had been in heaven.

In an interview with Deadline last month, the real Piper described his experience, saying at the moment he died he was surrounded by loved ones who had passed before him and that he felt intense white light and experienced emotions he had never felt in normal life.

“I was embraced by God. I felt his presence,” Piper told the site. “I saw His angels. When you put yourself out there and start to talk about the experience you had, you become very vulnerable. And people will make fun of you, and ridicule you. I get that, but it did happen. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if it didn’t happen to me.”

The film stars Christensen as Piper along with Kate Bosworth, Hudson Meek, Bobby Batson and Elizabeth Hunter. Michael Polish (The Astronaut Farmer, Twin Falls Idaho) wrote and directed the film, the first to be produced by Family Christian Entertainment, a new production company founded by Family Christian Stores owner Rick Jackson.

Check out the trailer for the film above.

90 Minutes in Heaven hits select theaters on September 11.