David Brooks: Trump Is a Religious Zealot Who Worships Donald Trump

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” while discussing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments about Megyn Kelly bleeding, New York Times columnist David Brooks said Trump is “a religious zealot and the guy he worships is Donald Trump.”

Brooks said, “Just listening to that interview, it struck me I’m listening to a religious zealot and the guy he worships is Donald Trump. Anybody who is against the god is a blasphemer who has to be cast out. I think he’s created a fortress around himself. Twenty percent of the Republican at least polled voters are inside the fortress. And they’re going to be in that fortress. The walls get higher with each controversy and they’re going to stay there. But 80 percent are never going to go in the fortress. So I think he’ll be in the race at 20 percent. He’ll never get anybody else, but he’ll be there in that position.”

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