Mary Matalin: Trump Needs to Stop His ‘Post-Debate Whining Jihad’

Monday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Republican political consultant Mary Matalin said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump needs to stop whining and end his post-debate Jihad against Fox News and Megyn Kelly.

Matalin said, “If [Fox News’] objective was to test him, they should’ve tested him on policy prescriptions. We all know that he has a personality and we all know he snaps like that.”

She continued, “But starting where they did and the whole woman thing to my mind accepts the premise that there is a war on women, which I object to.”

She also had advice for Trump saying, “You’re in the big game. You can’t whine … You can’t spend all your time accentuating your own negatives.”

“My cardinal rule for candidates is integrity and confidence and just suck it up whatever it is,” she added. “And I think he would have done better than going on a post-debate jihad. Whether or not it was fair is irrelevant. I don’t care who it is. There is never going to be fairness in the forensics for Republicans. We always have to defend ourselves, we always have to explain ourselves and that’s just something everybody should be ready for.”

Of Fox News, Matalin said, “Their opinions are obviously to the right but … their coverage is pretty middle of the road.”

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