Walker: Unlike Trump, I Won’t Attack Other GOPers With ‘Democrat Talking Points’

Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker accused fellow candidate Donald Trump of using “Democrat talking points” against him, and said, “instead of doing what Donald Trump is, and that’s attacking other Republicans, I’m going to focus, as I did in the debate, on Hillary Clinton” on Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Walker was asked about Trump’s comments that “Scott was going to be sort of the leader in Iowa. And the common wisdom was that Scott would win Iowa because he’s from the adjoining state. And his numbers are not good in the adjoining state. He’s got a $2.2 billion deficit. They predicted that he’d have a big surplus of a about a million, and it’s $2.2 billion in losses.”

Walker responded, “he’s using the Democrat talking points, and just more of the same. I get attacked by Hillary yesterday. I get attacked by him with the Democrat talking points this morning. That’s probably part of the reason why I won three times for governor in the blue state in the past four years, is because those talking points just aren’t right. We actually fixed — we inherited a $3.6 billion budget deficit, we fixed it. We did it while cutting taxes by some $2 billion, in fact property taxes are lower today than when we first took office. We did that while defunding Planned Parenthood, and building a rainy day fund that’s now 165 times bigger than [when] we took office. Our schools have the second ACT scores in the country. Our state is growing well. In fact, our unemployment rate was over 8%, it’s now down to 4.6%. So, Donald Trump’s just using the same old, tired talking points of the Democrats. And they didn’t work in the past, they’re certainly not going to work in Iowa.”

Walker also addressed his numbers in a PPP poll of Iowa, stating, “This is, like you said, it’s a left-leaning poll.” And “there’s a lot of attention out there in the media.”

Walker continued, “what I’m going to do, is instead of doing what Donald Trump is, and that’s attacking other Republicans, I’m going to focus, as I did in the debate, on Hillary Clinton. She’s the real opponent. She’s the one that would be a disaster, much bigger disaster than even Barack Obama, if anybody can think that’s possible. She would be worse off. I mean, she — you think about Obamacare, she was for Obamacare before Obamacare was a even thought out there, nearly 20 years ago. She — everywhere in the world that Hillary Clinton has touched, when it comes to foreign policy, is worse off today than before she took office. I’m the one that wants to take on Hillary Clinton, not take on other Republicans.

Walker also responded to the Clinton campaign’s accusation that he was ignoring race issues. He argued that Clinton’s response, “shows you the state of mind of the Clinton campaign. If they’re upset that I said, if you focus on racial discord, you’ll get more of it, as we’ve seen, sadly, under this administration. … I believe in reform. I’m the governor who signed the first in the nation law that requires an independent review any time are there’s an officer-related killing out there. The idea with that being, that’s not only good in terms of those who are concerned, it’s also good for law enforcement if they’re following the rules out there. It’s good for everybody.”

Walker concluded by talking about his name not ranking second to last in Google searches after the debate, saying that it didn’t bother him, and “I was a runner. And I know, in the end, the most important time to be ahead is at the end when you finish. And that’s what I plan on doing.”

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