Halperin: ‘Pretty Clear’ FBI Is Being Aggressive on Hillary Handling of Classified Material

Wednesday on Bloomberg TV’s “With All Due Respect,” co-host Mark Halperin said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton contradiction of early claims that she would not hand over her private email server and today’s developments that she has now turned over that server to the FBI, who is investigating her handling of classified information, is evidence they are “being aggressive.”

Halperin said the worst-case scenario is “that the Justice Department and the FBI get her server, they find any undeleted e-mails that she did not turn over, and that stuff had both classified information and information that was government business that she hadn’t handed over in the batch she did hand over. I’m not saying that is all going to happen but that is certainly within the realm of possibility. And it’s pretty clear the FBI is being aggressive in going after trying to figure out — not in a criminal investigation —what happened with how she handled information on the private server.”

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