Rand Paul: Trump ‘Despicable’ for Buying Access to the Clintons

Wednesday on WKXL Concord News Radio’s “Pints and Politics,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said his rival Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was “despicable” for “buying access to the Clintons.”

Paul said, “One of the things the Tea Party was upset about is fake conservatives. We were concerned about fake Republicans. People who said they were for one thing but really weren’t. I think that is a real concern with Trump—is he real or is he fake? It’s a reality TV show—is he acting? He used to be for Obamacare. He was for the bank bailouts. He used to be for gun control. He said the Democrats are better at running the economy than the Republicans. I wonder if he is in the right primary or not. He has given a hundred-grand to Clinton recently. Most of us think it is despicable to buy access to a politician. But isn’t it equally despicable to be the one paying. It’s despicable to receive the access, but it’s despicable to be buying access to the Clintons.”

He added, “And when you ask him why he gives to politicians he says ‘I give to them so they will do what ever the hell I want them to.’ And it’s like, really? That’s what’s wrong with politics that people are buying politicians and then they will do what ever the hell you want them to. That’s whats wrong with government.”

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