Trump on PP: ‘I Would Not Give’ If They Do Abortions, ‘Absolutely Defund,’ Does ‘Good Stuff’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said of Planned Parenthood that “I would not give as long as they’re doing abortions,” and “I would absolutely defund,” but that they do “good stuff” on Wednesday’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network.

Trump, when asked about his view Planned Parenthood, said, [relevant remarks begin around 4:00] “I’m totally against as long as they have abortion. You know, if it’s an abortion clinic in any way, shape, or form, I’m against. As you know, I’m pro-life. And I’m just against it i’m against it. Now, with that being said, if that can be separated out, and I mean literally, I would not give as long as they’re doing abortions. They do work — they do other work which is very helpful in terms of women’s health issues, and that’s good stuff. The problem is, I will not be able, at all to get over the issue of Planned Parenthood as long as they’re providing abortions, and that’s what they’re doing, and doing it pretty readily, and it’s not good. So, I would absolutely defund. They have to get over that issue, that’s a big problem.”

On same-sex marriage, Trump stated, “I wanted to see the states decide. And I wanted very strongly to see that, and the court so ruled. And if something can happen, most people think it can’t at this point, but I would have loved to have seen the states make the decision, Lou, and let it be that way. The court took it all the way, and as you know, they came down with a decision. If anything can happen, I’m all for it, but right now that decision’s been made.”

On gun control, Trump declared he is, “Totally in favor of [the] Second Amendment. I am a big Second Amendment person, and I’ve gotten great marks. You know, my sons are, and so am I, are members of the NRA, but my sons have been there for years, and they’re great shots, great marksmen, and big believers. But I’m a big believer in the Second Amendment.”

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