Fiorina: Hillary ‘Lied,’ Trump ‘Tends to Paint With A Broad Brush’

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina declared that ‘Hillary Clinton has lied” about multiple issues, and said of Donald Trump, “I’m critical of anyone that tends to paint with a broad brush, and insult when it’s not necessary” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Fiorina stated, “I said in my closing comments at that Fox News debate, that Hillary Clinton has lied, about Benghazi, about her emails, about her server. And there were some in the liberal media who said, [paraphrasing] ‘Wow, that’s really strong language.’ But of course, it’s the right language. She has lied, and I think the more we learn, the more we know that that’s true.”

She added that she believes some fellow Republican candidates are afraid to say Clinton lied because “the political class speaks in certain terms, sort of sanitized soundbites, and what I call bumper sticker rhetoric. By any common sense definition, she has lied. But somehow, politicians don’t always use common sense terms or plain language. But I think by any common sense definition, the same you and I would use, if you say you don’t have a server and you do, you lied. If you say you didn’t pass classified information and you did, you lied. If you say it was a video and it turns out to be a purposeful terrorist attack, which you knew at the time, you lied.”

Fiorina also stated that she believes that the rise of outsider candidates shows that the electorate is fed up with the “professional political class” and its failures, and wants “real leadership,” along with “something and someone different than the typical politician from the political class.”

Fiorina was then asked about her criticism of fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump and why she was critical of his “outspokenness.” She answered, “I don’t think I’m particularly critical of his outspokenness. I have said over and over again, that Donald Trump taps into this anger that people feel about festering problems that somehow never get solved.”

She continued, “Frankly, I’m critical of anyone that tends to paint with a broad brush, and insult when it’s not necessary, because there’s no reason to be insulting people.”

After host Sean Hannity said, “I’m angry that Republicans swore that they would replace and repeal Obamacare. They didn’t do it. They ran in 2014 and they said they’d stop executive amnesty, and they funded it. I’m angry at them.”

Fiorina answered, “Me too. That’s why I’m running for president, because I’ve concluded that all these people who’ve been in politics their entire life don’t know how to fix it. In other words, they don’t know how to translate words into results. It’s one thing to give a speech. It’s another thing to take the ideas contained in that speech, and turn it into action and results. But let me just say, Sean. I’m equally critical, when President Obama paints all Republicans as being the equivalent of Iranian hard-liners, just because they think he negotiated a bad deal. He did negotiate a bad deal. And when he insults everyone who disagrees with him, by calling them either stupid, or politically-motivated, or venal, all of which President Obama has done, I’m equally critical, it doesn’t help us solve problems.”

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