Halperin and Heilemann: Gore Would Be A Huge Problem For Hillary

Friday, on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect,” hosts Mark Halperin and John Heilemann agreed that while it is unlikely, if former Vice President Al Gore got into the 2016 race, it would mean big trouble for Hillary.

When Heilemann asked of Biden or Gore, who is more likely to get in and who would be more problematic, Halperin said, “Biden’s more likely to get in, Gore would be more problematic for her. Gore would create such psychodrama, and such attention, and I think would be more unbound than Biden, who’s very friendly with Hillary Clinton. I don’t think Gore will get in.  I think everyone in the Democratic Party — what all this is a this is a manifestation of, they don’t trust, going into the fall, into the winter, with Hillary Clinton as the only establishment choice to go into a general election. I think the vacuum’s going be filled by someone. Could be Biden. Won’t be Gore. Could be someone else.”

Heilemann added, “Al Gore, whom I spent a lot of time with…you’re right, he hates Hillary Clinton, does not like her at all, would like to take her on. He also hates campaigning. That’s what held him back in 2008, even as he thought about running against her. I think if he could get himself over that hump, and he might just have enough messianism about him now, that maybe Al Gore will actually get into this race. And I do think he would be a huge problem for her if he got in.”

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