Jeb Bush Heckled over Iraq War: ‘Your Brother Signed a Bad Deal’

Friday, at the Des Moines Register‘s Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was heckled over his brother, former President George W. Bush’s Iraq War policies.

When Jeb attempted to criticize the withdrawal of all combat troops from Iraq by the Obama administration, a heckler in the crowd yelled, “We had to get out in 2011!”

Jeb shot back, “We didn’t have to get out in 2011,”

The heckler screamed, “Your brother signed the deal!”

Bush said, “It could have been modified, and that was the expectation. Everybody in Iraq, and everybody in Washington knew that this deal could have been expanded. And now what we need to do–”

The heckler interrupted again, yelling, “Your brother signed a bad deal!”

Bush added, “–now, now we need to do something else.”

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