Trump: ‘Be Careful Carly’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump warned fellow candidate Carly Fiorina “Be careful Carly” in a speech in New Hampshire on Friday.

After arguing that fellow candidates South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and former Texas Governor Rick Perry fell in the polls after attacking him, Trump said, “Carly was a little nasty to me. Be careful Carly. Be careful. But I can’t say anything to her, because she’s a woman, and I don’t want to be accused of being tough on women. I can’t do that, right? Can I do that? Women, am I allowed to fight back? Am I allowed? She’s been a little nasty to me. So I promised that I wouldn’t say, and I said it to myself, I promised I wouldn’t say, that she ran Hewlett-Packard into the ground. I will not say it, that her stock value tanked, that she laid off tens of thousands of people, and she got viciously fired. I said I will not say that, and that she then went out, and ran against [Sen.] Barbara Boxer (D-CA), for the United states Senate in California, and it’s a race that should’ve been won, and she lost in the landslide. And I said, ‘I will not say that’ Okay? All right? So I’m not going to say it.”

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