Trump: ‘Ask Roger Ailes Who Won’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addressed his feud with the Fox News Channel by stating, “all you have to do is ask Roger Ailes who won” in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday.

Trump was asked if he’s made any mistakes on the campaign trail. He answered, “I don’t think I’ve made mistakes. I mean, every time somebody says I’ve made a mistake, they do the polls, and my numbers go up. So, I guess I haven’t made any mistakes. Look, when I said Mexico is sending, I was talking about illegal immigration. The people understood it, even though the press didn’t want them to, my numbers went up. When I talked about [Sen.] John McCain (R-AZ), I was saying how bad he’s treated the veterans, because the veterans are treated badly. Then, they do a poll, who do you like better, to the veterans, John McCain or Trump? And I swamp him in the poll. The veterans like me better, because they know I’ll take care of them. He hasn’t taken — after 30 years, he hasn’t taken care of them. And this last thing with Fox, I mean, I love Roger Ailes, but all you have to do is ask Roger Ailes who won. So, I don’t think I’ve made any mistakes. I’m sure I will at some point, but so far, you would have to say, hasn’t worked out badly, right?”

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