ABC’s Dwyer: Trump’s Immigration Policy Is Him ‘Getting More Serious and Specific’ on Policy

ABC White House Digital Correspondent Devin Dwyer stated that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is “getting more serious and specific about his policies” in a report on Trump’s immigration policy announcement on Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “World News Tonight.”

Dwyer said, “Tonight, a so-called Trump tsunami still sweeping Iowa. … The GOP’s frontrunner’s private helicopter spotted above the fair for a second day, after that dramatic arrival Saturday, and free rides for kids.”

After playing a clip of Trump saying he is not the same as other candidates who polled well in Iowa early on but eventually saw their numbers drop, Dwyer said, “Today, Trump getting more serious and specific about his policies. … In his first policy paper on immigration, Trump says he’d force Mexico to foot the bill for his border wall by steeply hiking fees on US visas for Mexicans. He’d triple the number of immigration officers, and end birthright citizenship, which he calls the biggest magnet for illegal immigration.”

Dwyer concluded, “It’s full steam ahead for Trump, who’s willing to spend more of his own money on the campaign than all his rivals have raised combined. … Trump still way ahead in a new national poll since that first debate, while Jeb Bush has taken a hit, down to fourth place. Ben Carson, surging to number two, arrived today at the fair.”

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