Gutfeld: Like the Left, Trump Is Using ‘Emotional Stances’

During Sunday’s broadcast of “The Greg Gutfeld Show” on the Fox News Channel, host Greg Gutfeld spoke on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s candidacy.

After denouncing left-wing activists for putting emotions over facts and logic, Gutfeld stated that Trump is bringing “emotional stances,” such as anger, into the GOP.

“Modern activism rejects reasoning, for it hurts the narrative. And if the truth hurts, then truth becomes a hate crime. And you’re seeing glimmers of this now on the right. The right normally mocks emotional stances, but some embrace a new anger led by this guy [Trump].”

“It’s very entertaining, but I’m a prude.” he continued. “Meaning I don’t jump into bed with just any provocateur. You’ve got to wine and dine me first with logic and facts, then the insults. So as parties devolved into name-calling, and cower before the loudest voices, you’ve gotta remember that logic dies in service of emotion, which ultimately leads to chaos.”

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