Clinton Spox: ‘She Didn’t Really Think It Through’ With Private Server

Clinton campaign Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri stated Clinton “didn’t really think it through” by keeping a private server in an interview set to broadcast on Wednesday’s “With All Due Respect” on Bloomberg TV.

Palmieri said, when questioned on why Clinton maintained a private server, “I’ve encountered this a lot in politics, where people think that the answer is a lot more complicated than it really is. And she’s answered this many times, and she had — she did have her own email account. Others had done it before, and it was just more convenient, and she kept it like that, and she didn’t really — that’s the thing, she didn’t really think it through. And she has said, had she — she would have done it differently.”

After host John Heilemann asked if Clinton “asked someone to do more” than simply hit “delete” to delete her emails. Palmieri stated, “No.” She continued, “She had lawyers, to look at all the emails, and decide what was personal and what was official, and she decided to not retain the personal ones, and they were deleted. And beyond that, like any technical questions about servers or that, that’s not — I don’t know, but –.”

Heilemann pressed on whether Clinton ordered anyone to do more than delete the emails. Palmieri responded, “I’m saying she had them go through it, and they, like, deleted the emails. I don’t understand what the –.”

Heilemann then said that he would simply hit the “delete” button to get rid of any personal emails. Palmieri said, “I don’t know” repeatedly. When Heilemann stated the FBI is going to look at the server to see what Clinton asked “to be done with those emails.” Palmieri responded that, “To be deleted, and beyond that, I don’t know.”

Palmieri added, “everyone’s an expert on inflating footballs, and now everybody’s an expert on wiping servers. I don’t know how that all works”

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