Cruz: Hillary Isn’t ‘Nearly As Talented At Dodging’ As Bill

Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz declared Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is “not nearly as talented at dodging the question as her husband Bill is” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Cruz said that Clinton’s response to a question over whether she wiped server of “with a cloth?” shows “she is obviously evading. I will say this, she’s not nearly as talented at dodging the question as her husband Bill is, but it is looking more and more like she faces some real potential legal jeopardy here. This investigation, it was striking to see Bob Woodward saying that this reminds him of the Nixon tapes, and there’s the old adage that it’s not just the crime, it’s the cover-up. Her wiping the server, and then being unwilling to admit that, that certainly raises a lot of questions.

He added, “Well, the Clintons have always behaved as if the rules and the laws don’t apply to them. I mean, this is a sitting secretary of state, who was accepting millions of dollars of donations for her foundation, from foreign nations, and also, millions of dollars for her husband to speak to foreign nations, while our chief diplomat is there. One of the questions, one of the reasons this email issue is so central, is I think a lot of people would like to know, what’s in those emails about the money she’s receiving from foreign governments, while she’s making US policy. I think it is very troubling. And if the United States Department of Justice retains even a shred of the integrity that it has historically had, then the Department of Justice needs to investigate this, and prosecute any and all criminal activity.”

Cruz concluded by discussing polls showing him polling third behind Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. Cruz stated, “it says people are fed up with Washington, and they’re looking for someone who will stand up to Washington, who will take on the Washington cartel, who will take on career politicians in both parties, who get in bed with lobbyists and special interests. I got to tell you, since the debate in Cleveland, our campaign has had incredible momentum. Obviously, that poll and NBC’s poll, which we shot right up to the top, but we also saw, in the hundred hours after the debate, $1.1 million in contributions came in in 100 hours, people going to, contributing online. We did a bus tour throughout the south. Had over 19,000 people come out to the bus tour, the energy is incredible. And just today, Sean, we got some fantastic news, Steve Deace, who I know you know very, very well, talk radio host in Iowa, Steve Deace endorsed us today, and said that I’m the strongest conservative with the most proven record, and in the best condition — position to win, and he encouraged all conservatives to come together, it was a big, big day in Iowa.”

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