Rush: Backlash Over Appointing Illegals To Commissions Shows Unpopularity of Left’s Coercion

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said that the backlash over the appointment of two illegal immigrants to city commissions in Huntington Park, CA covered by Breitbart News is a demonstration that “there is a big majority of people who are not happy” with leftist coercion on Wednesday.

Rush after playing multiple clips of residents criticizing the appointments, argued that those who appointed the illegal immigrants “think that the illegals are victims” due to recent criticism of illegal immigrants, and were “getting a taste of what the citizens out there think about it.”

He added that the residents upset over the appointments were giving “what actually is a majority point of view in this country, and it is what we are treated to in the news every day. It’s not what the Democrat Party tells us. We are being governed, we are being bullied by a genuine minority that does not believe in anything but laws to force people to conform and behave the way they want them [to]. They don’t believe in trying reach people’s hearts and minds and persuade them. They don’t want to have to convince people that their way’s the best. They want to force people into behaving the way they want. And what we’re seeing is that there is a big majority of people who are not happy with this, and it’s a positive, folks, it means we’ve not the lost the country.”

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