Richardson: Trump ‘Disastrous’ for GOP With Hispanic Vote in Crucial States

Thursday on Newmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” former Democratic National Committee chairman and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “outrageous positions” on immigration are “disastrous for the Republican Party” and cited the Hispanic vote in crucial states as why.

When asked about the term, “anchor baby,” Richardson said, “It’s insulting. It’s unconstitutional what he wants to do. He is addicted to attention and unfortunately he is getting a lot of attention because of outrageous positions like repealing that 14th amendment on the anchor babies, like creating a fence, like deporting thousand of millions of people. But what he is doing politically is—he is insuring that Hispanic voters, who are going to be 11 percent of the population, 28 million, are going to remember what he is saying and what other Republicans that are cuddling up to it that are candidates are saying. And what is going to happen is he is going to be like Mitt Romney, who ended up with like the low 20 percent on the Latino vote in states like New Mexico, Colorado, Florida—crucial states. And you know this is disastrous for the Republican party.”

Explaining big crowds and national popularity polls don’t matter because in the end, it is the state-by-state ground game that wins presidential elections, Richardson said, “Trump has no organization,” so he added, “you’re going to see this guy flaming out and that would be the best thing for the American people and the Republican party.”

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