Dean: Hillary Email Scandal ‘Nonsense’ Created by Coordinated Right-Wing Attack

Friday on MSNBC while discussing the growing controversy over Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton deleting the emails from her tenure of Secretary of State, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) said it is all “nonsense” created by a “coordinated right-wing attack.”

Dean said, “Well, I think part of it is the media feeding frenzy. This is pack journalism at its worse. I had to experience this when I was running for president. This is what the media does — they go after the front-runner. there’s really no substance to this story at all.”

He continued, “Look, if the argument is that Hillary Clinton committed treason, then let’s have that discussion. This is innuendo. This is nonsense. There was no dishonesty. She did not send e-mails marked classified. This is a classic press feeding frenzy fed by the right wing.”

“I think the press has to do a better job of pushing back against a coordinated right wing attack. That’s what this is.” he added.

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