Gutfeld: Trump Polluted Good Parts of Plan By Linking to Birthright Citizenship, Mass Deportations

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump polluted the good parts of his immigration plan by linking them to “birthright citizenship and mass deportations” on Friday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld said, [relevant remarks begin around 2:50], “It’s really fun to focus on the phenomenon of Donald Trump, the fact that he’s raw, unfiltered, rather than talking about the specifics, and the consequences of his statements, which I don’t even think he thinks about. Like — when you look at the immigration stuff, I mean, it’s like writing about cuisine without ever reviewing the restaurant. You gotta go and you gotta read the specifics. And within the immigration plan, there are things that we’ve talked about forever, whether it was E-Verify, overstaying visas, building the wall has been talked about for a long time, strengthening the border is very important. These are things that we have talked about, and galvanize this enthusiastic support, and it’s necessary. However, when you link this to birthright citizenship and mass deportations, you pollute this idea. And you intend — you may end up [alienating] a lot of people that might listen to you. That’s the problem. You have to out — you have to weigh the benefits of this incredible enthusiasm, and this sensation, to the long-term consequences of alienating people who actually might believe in all of your beliefs, and all of your principles.”

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