Matthews: Trump Has No ‘Cultural’ Commonality With AL Because He Lived With ‘Those Ethnic People’

MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews asked if GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has anything “cultural” in common with people attending his rally in Mobile, Alabama given that Trump has “lived in New York and Manhattan…up there with those ethnic people” on Friday.

Matthews wondered, during a discussion of Trump’s rally, “He’s a secular guy. He’s been married three times. I’m not knocking it, but he’s hardly a Bible thumper. He’s hardly running on cultural and religious issues. He’s no Rick Santorum. That doesn’t seem to bother Southern people, Southern whites, who are mostly Baptist and religious, as a general rule. Doesn’t bother them that he’s had — lived in New York and Manhattan, sin city as far as most of them are concerned, up there with those ethnic people. Doesn’t seem to bother them. The fact he’s a New Yorker, with the New Yorker brashness doesn’t seem to bother them. Is there anything cultural that he has in common with the people in those stands tonight? Anything?”

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