Tucker Carlson: ‘Illegal Alien’ Is ‘Literally True’ ‘One of My Favorite Terms’

After fellow co-host Geraldo Rivera said [relevant remarks begin around 5:20], he didn’t “have a big problem with the term ‘anchor baby.’ But hates the term “illegal alien,” and compared it to the terms “negro” and “colored,” which he stated may have been appropriate back in the 1950s, but aren’t anymore, Carlson responded, “I like it, It’s one of my favorite terms. … Yeah, I love it.” And “It’s like, literally true, and that’s why people hate it.”

Carlson added that “There’s no comparison at all” to “negro.”

Fellow co-host Dana Perino defended Carlson by stating, “When my husband first moved here, he was ‘Alien on Parole.’ That’s what he was — his official title, from the government –.”

Greg Gutfeld responded to the “anchor baby” controversy by joking that the term should be changed to “anchor fetus,” so the left would embrace the term. Carlson added, “And they’ll disappear tomorrow, because it’s your choice.”

(h/t Huffington Post)

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