Buchanan: Trump Immigration Plan ‘The Most Comprehensive Program’ Of Any GOPer

Columnist and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan declared GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration plan “the most comprehensive program any Republican has put out yet” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said, “John, Senator Jeff Sessions, (R-AL) who’s very much anti-immigration, or illegal immigration hawk, is one of the folks behind this. I think it is the most comprehensive program any Republican has put out yet. Secondarily, many other Republicans are agreeing with what Mr. Trump said, including on the issue of anchor babies, John. And people are saying, ‘Well, Trump’s going to change the 14th Amendment.’ You don’t have to. All you have to do, I mean, the Congress of the United States is the one empowered in the Constitution to deal with naturalization and all the rest. For example, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse were not citizens of the United States. Three laws were passed to make Indian Americans, or Native Americans, citizens. But Congress can deal with this. I think Trump has really got the bit in his teeth, and it’s helping his campaign, and people are emulating him.”

Buchanan did add, “you cannot retroactively take away citizenship.”

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