Christie: Hillary Subpoenaed Server Wipe ‘Obstruction of Justice’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Republican presidential candidate Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton may have obstructed justice by deleting what she deemed as personal emails and wiping her server after it was subpoenaed by the House of Representatives.

Christie said, “This is a real big problem for her. As a former federal prosecutor I’m only person running for president who knows how this works and could do this the right way in the White House. The fact is first we need to know is why did she have a private email server and why did she conducting all government business over that server? … The law says you are supposed to conduct official business over a government server so you can protect the secrets of the Untied States. That is the second piece of this, how did she handle classified information? David Petraeus was prosecuted for this, Sandy Berger was prosecuted for this, Hillary Clinton very well may be prosecuted for this. And at the least the FBI should be aggressively investigating her and I believe that is what they are doing today. The fact is that Mrs. Clinton’s arrogance is rooted in this idea that she doesn’t want to answer any questions. Answer questions. Why did you have a private email server? This isn’t like asking a private email account on Google or Facebook or Yahoo to be able to email with your children or with your spouse. This is having a private email server, your own server. And after it’s been subpoenaed by the House of Representatives she deletes the emails, that is obstruction of justice.”

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