Castellanos: Trump ‘Masterful,’ ‘Brilliant Leader’

On Tuesday’s “CNN Tonight” following Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s appearance at a rally in Dubuque, IA, Purple Strategies Chairman and Founding Partner and Republican strategist Alex Castellanos his previously held sentiment on Trump, heaping praise on his performance.

Castellanos gave Trump high marks for his presentation on grounds of his marketing, salesmanship and his performance at the rally.

“Never seen anything like this,” Castellanos said. “I mean, let’s give credit where credit is due — brilliant performance. Brilliant marketer. Brilliant salesman and a brilliant leader out there tonight. He wasn’t talking about issues. He’s talking about something much bigger than that. When you fear you’ll lose your country, when you have a problem — you want a leader as big as his fears. And that’s what he did tonight. He stood up there as big as a house. And that’s what people are attracted to. Small, a small vote, not in critical times. You want a big vote. Now, he’s not a Republican. He’s not a Democrat. He is not anything we’ve ever seen before. He is like unicorn or Haley’s Comet – a rare thing that never comes by. He’s a Trump. So really don’t know what he will be tomorrow because he was completely different yesterday. He was a Democrat yesterday. Today he is a Republican. But a masterful performance from a brilliant, brilliant political presenter.

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