O’Reilly: Trump Should ‘Cease’ Attacks on Kelly

Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly said GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump should “cease” his attacks on fellow anchor Megyn Kelly on Tuesday.

After characterizing Trump’s tweets about Kelly as “not nice,” and “not good,” O’Reilly said the issue over the handling of the first primetime GOP presidential debate should be “buried,”  and “it’s over, folks can make up their own minds about it.”

O’Reilly also praised FNC chief Roger Ailes as a “loyal guy,” who “protects his troops,” and said he had been defended by Ailes against “unfair assaults by vicious media people.”

O’Reilly added he’s friends with both Kelly and Trump, and both “bring things to America that are worthy and positive.”  He continued that by not responding to Trump, Kelly had “taken the high road,” and Trump should “cease.” He also praised Ailes as a “stand up guy.”

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