Pataki: Trump’s ‘Nutty’ Plan to Deport Innocent American Citizen Children ‘Inhumane’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Republican presidential candidate former Gov. George Pataki (R-NY) said Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s immigration plan to deport the innocent American citizen children of illegal immigrants is “ridiculous,” and “makes self deportation seem humane.”

When asked about the term anchor babies Pataki said, “It’s a failure of the system, if we allow pregnant women to come here for the specific purpose of giving birth to a baby. That is not a failure of the child of the baby… I just think it is in a sense pejorative, particularly when used against Latino families that have been here for quite some time. To me, the whole response of the Trump immigration policy, we’re going to round up 11 million people must them on buses take them to foreign places, send them back to places many have never been to is wrong. That term has been used in conjunction with that.”

He continued, “Let me give you one example. Trump’s plan, a ten-year-old girl, born in the United States, does well, fluent in English, never been out of the country, never been to Mexico, where her parents may have come from illegally. She’s an American citizen, never done anything wrong. Will you have police or soldiers go into that classroom, drag that girl and say sorry your parents didn’t have the right papers. we’re sending you to a country have you never been to before, it’s ridiculous. It makes self deportation seem humane. They have used anchor babies if that term because that girl can be considered an anchor baby.”

“It’s absolutely crazy,” he added. “First Trump has a plan, it makes no sense, it’s inhumane and un-American. You can candidates like Marco Rubio saying I don’t think it can ever get through congress. It’s not that it can get through congress, it’s a nutty idea in the first place. It’s not that you will amend the 14th Amendment. It doesn’t make sense. It will never happen. So Republicans have to have a positive agenda.”

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