Joy Reid: Trump Went After Kelly Because She’s a Woman, Ramos Because He’s Hispanic

MSNBC National Correspondent Joy Reid argued that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s treatment of FNC anchor Megyn Kelly and Fusion and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is because Kelly’s “supposed to be pretty and quiet and not challenge a man” and his supporters “like the idea that he throws the Hispanic guy out” on Wednesday’s “Hardball.”

Host Chris Matthews asked Reid, “Why keep the heat on Megyn Kelly, who everybody likes, I think, and go after another guy, and sort of rough it up with a guy? Show — is this this macho, we’ll go to the fisticuffs for a couple minutes? … What is it about Ramos? Let’s have a fight, then we can be guys. What is that about?”

Reid answered, “I think it’s all part of this collectivized worldview of Donald Trump, which is that he’s taking us back to the America where a man is a man, and a woman better sit down and be pretty and be quiet. And he’s going after Megyn Kelly for the same reason his supporters don’t like her, because she’s supposed to be pretty and quiet and not challenge a man like Donald Trump. … She’s a journalist. And she was doing her job. It’s not a feud, she’s done nothing to him.”

Reid continued, “And on the Jorge Ramos attack, he’s going right to his base. That’s why they like him. They like the idea that he throws the Hispanic guy out of his press conference.”

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