Scarborough: Hillary Calling GOP Terrorists ‘Absolutely Disgusting,’ ‘Gutter Politics at Its Worst’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough laid into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, for her remarks on Thursday likening the Republican 2016 presidential field to terrorists for their position on abortion.

“It was disgusting,” Scarborough said. “It was absolutely disgusting. Hillary Clinton saying that somebody who is pro-life –no, I mean, let’s tell the truth. She wanted us to talk about this. She wanted to throw a bright shiny object out there … so they don’t talk about the email scandal. And so she has to be so hyperbolic and insulting and quite frankly just — it’s gutter politics at its worst to compare people to radical terrorists that cut off people’s heads and blow up grandmoms. It’s not alright. We see what the terrorists do to young girls — the sexual slavery is absolutely appalling and what Hillary Clinton did is compare somebody who is pro-life, which is close to 50 percent of Americans to radical terrorists.”

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