Ingraham Rips Nat’l Review for ’Propping Up’ Establishment: ‘Not the Publication of William F. Buckley’

On her Tuesday radio program, conservative talker Laura Ingraham criticized National Review for a piece about the hopes of some that former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), the 2012 Republican nominee, will enter into the already crowded field for the GOP’s 2016 presidential nomination.

Ingraham argued such sentiments show a lack in the so-called GOP establishment recognizing the message of the grassroots and others in this current election cycle.

“Everyone knows I like Mitt Romney and I mean he’s a wonderful person, a wonderful man – a good man,” Ingraham said. “But we have to have now at this point conclude he was not the best campaigner. And yet today in the face of all of this polling, in all of the clear message from independents and GOP grassroots that the establishment has failed, we want a new path forward. We want something a little more nationalist when it comes to economics, a little more prudent when it comes to foreign policy, a little fairer when it comes to trade policy.”

She went on to accuse National Review of “propping up” the GOP establishment and later attack the publication’s senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru.

“What the establishment is doing is looking for a way to go backward,” she continued. “This piece about Mitt Romney today in National Review – National Review, I don’t know what’s happened to National Review, but this is not the publication of William F. Buckley. This is the publication that is propping up the establishment all too often.”

“I have to say even yesterday on this show, our pal Bill Kristol, he’s actually done recently some pretty fair analysis of where we are in the Republican field and they’ve written some good pieces over there at The Weekly Standard,” Ingraham added later in the segment. “They’re certainly not in a frothy frenzy like they are over at National Review like they are about Trump. I mean, they are so worried about Trump over there at National Review. Someone should check on Ramesh Ponnuru – I’m worried. Ramesh likes Jeb. A lot of these guys over there just like Jeb.”

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