Kornheiser: I Have Never Seen a Player Do More to ‘Harm Himself’ Than RG III

During Tuesday’s “Pardon the Interruption” on ESPN2, co-host Tony Kornhieser reacted to Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III “liking” an Instagram post that criticized the Redskins front office shortly after Griffin lost his starting job to Kirk Cousins. Griffin refuted the report, saying an intern “liked” it.

According to Kornheiser, Griffin, who has battled injuries his whole NFL career, as well as been called a “cornball brother” by former ESPN analyst Rob Parker and, most recently, making Griffin sit despite being cleared from a concussion, has done more to harm his career than any other athlete over the last three years.

“I don’t believe in this particular case that he ‘liked’ it himself, but I can believe that he did because I have never seen a professional athlete do more to harm himself than Robert Griffin has done over the last three years in Washington,” stated Kornheiser.

He added, “He pokes holes in his own boat all the time and it started with that all in for week one thing that was a disastrous public relations campaign. What has happened around him is that there’s a sense in Washington, and I know this and you know this, too. There’s a sense in Washington that he’s cared more about his own personal brand than anything else.”

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