Trump: ‘I Will Have A Lot of Democrats Voting for Me’

CNN’s Don Lemon previewed his interview with Republican front-runner Donald Trump in which Trump says many Democrats will vote for him in the general election like they did for President Ronald Reagan.

Trump said, “When Mitt Romney ran, there was a tremendous, millions of people that are Republicans and Conservative Republicans, and Evangelicals, and people that I have a great relationship with, they sat home for some people and did not vote. You know that. And I’m talking about millions of people. And had they gotten up and voted for Mitt Romney, he would have won the election. And people are forgetting about that. Plus, I think me more than anybody else, I’ll go across lines. I think I’ll have a lot of Democrats, you know, Reagan had Democrats for Reagan. It was a very big group of people… I think I will have a lot of Democrats voting for me. Far more than any Republican for the last long period of time. I will say this  — and I will say this very strongly— the Republican Conservatives were not energized in the last election. Had they been energized, had they voted, you would have seen victory for Mitt Romney.”

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