Scarborough: ‘You Have to Be Really, Really Stupid’ to Believe Hillary Email Excuses

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough questioned the intellect of those who believed Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton when she said that she did not send or receive classified information on her private unsecured email server .

Co-host Mika Brzezinski said, “The Washington Post reports this morning that Hillary Clinton wrote and sent at least six email that’s contained classified information while using her private server. The revelations found in Monday’s release suggest that Clinton’s role in distributing sensitive material went beyond receiving notes written by others on the email system kept in her home. Government officials deemed the information confidential after she left office but her personally writing the messages contradicts what she claimed in march when the private server was first revealed.”

Scarborough replied, “That’s just ridiculous. First of all, I’m glad she said at the time, she was aware of classified requirements, because this BS about it was not marked when that is — that’s no standard whatsoever. I’m glad she admitted right there. The one thing she did tell the truth is she’s aware of what classified requirements are. And by the way, she’s secretary of state, this is her only server, you have to be really, really stupid — Again, it’s the blender test. Do I trust you with a blender in my home to not stick your hand in this and, like, get it all gnarled up? If you believe that Hillary Clinton’s only account did not receive and send classified material in high volumes, then you should not be allowed within five feet of a blender in a kitchen.”

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