Christie: Obama ‘Shamefully Stabbed Israel in the Back’ with Iran Nuke Deal

Thursday at a town hall in Berlin, NH, Republican presidential candidate Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said, “We have officially stabbed Israel in the back,” with what he described as President Barack Obama’s “shameful” nuclear agreement.

Christie said, “Our friends in Israel were told by this president—we’ll never let Iran get a nuclear weapon, don’t you worry about taking military action— we’ll handle it. Now that we have officially stabbed Israel in the back, what are the Israelis going to do? See I don’t know, because what we will do with Iran depends on what else happens. If Israel were to take military action, it may be a whole different thing the next president is going to have to confront.”

“I oppose this agreement. I think it’s wrong. I know the Iranians will cheat,” Christie continued, “We can not have the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world having the most deadly weapon men have ever created. It’s not only bad for Israel, it’s bad for us. They are testing ballistic missiles right now. Those ballistic missiles are not to fire at Israel, they are to fire at the Untied States of America.”

“A lot of it is going to be determined by what happens in the next 16 months, because if you’re  Bibi Netanyahu—I can not believe he doesn’t feel betrayed tonight the president of the Untied States. And for us to betray our greatest ally in the Middle East and the only democracy in the Middle East is a shameful act by this country and wrong. And we should have done it differently,” he added.

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