Rand: I’d Support ‘Disaster’ Trump If He’s The Nominee, But ‘I Won’t Be Enthusiastic’

Kentucky Senator and GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul stated that he would support fellow candidate Donald Trump if he won the nomination, but “I won’t be enthusiastic” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Rand said, [relevant remarks being around 2:00] “There will be people I will be very unhappy with. I think Donald Trump’s a disaster. I think he’ll hurt the country and we’ll lose in a landslide. But I will still pledge to support the nominee because I think Hillary Clinton is the worst person on the planet to run the country. And I think emails have cemented the notion that she just has bad judgment.”

When asked if he would still be onstage firing up crowds to support Trump even though he thinks he’s a disaster and would campaign with him, Rand answered, “Well, the thing is is that there are relative degrees of enthusiasm when you support the nominee. And I won’t be enthusiastic, but I will support the nominee and I will pledge to support the nominee. But I think in the meantime, the next six months, I’m going to try to convince people that Donald Trump is a fake conservative. He’s not really conservative at all. He’s been for a single-payer healthcare system, he’s been for higher taxes. And really what bugs me the most is his business model has been using eminent domain to take private property from small property owners, gobble that up in order for him to make money. And I think that is something antithetical t0 the notion of freedom.”

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