Hillary: ‘People In the Government Knew That I Was Using a Personal Account’

Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “people in the government knew that I was using a personal account” in an interview aired on Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

Hillary stated that using her personal email “wasn’t the best choice. And I certainly have said that. I will continue to say that, as I’ve also said, many times, it was allowed, and it was fully above board. The people in the government knew that I was using a personal account. But it would have been better if I’d had two separate accounts to begin with. And certainly, I’m doing all I can now to try to be as transparent about what I did have on my work-related emails, and I think, you know, they will be coming out. I wish it were faster. It’s a little frustrating that it’s taking a while, but there’s a process that has to be followed.”

Host Andrea Mitchell then asked, “You say that, just now you said, people in the government knew you used personal email. The recent emails that were released indicated that the help desk at the State Department didn’t know, they couldn’t recognize what your email address was.”

Hillary answered, “Well, the people I was emailing to on the .gov system certainly knew, and they would respond to me on my personal email. But I do think it’s a fair question. It was allowed. And I chose to do it, as others who had been in high official positions had as well. And I believed — and it’s turned out to be very much confirmed, that the vast majority of everything that I was sending to a .gov, the official government account, would be captured. And I have gone the extra step, and gone through all of the emails that I had from those four years in the State Department, to make sure that anything, even being overly inclusive, that could possibly be work-related, was made available to the State Department.”

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